Ticket Adder
Ticket Adder
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Creator CPHax2
Status Verified Verified
Visibility Server-sided
Latest version 1.0
Folder new Date added to the store 23rd February, 2014
Icon home Creator's website CPHax2 YouTube channel

The Ticket Adder is an add-in that was made specifically for the Fair 2014. It adds fair tickets to your account immediately, as the name implies. It was a verified add-in, until it got removed due to the ending of The Fair 2014. A new version of the add-in was uploaded on May 21st 2015.


You could add up to 2000 tickets at a time in few seconds, and running this add-in would automatically open the Puffle Paddle fair mini-game and close it automatically after 6 seconds. You could add tickets unlimited number of times.


This version can add up to 1,000,000 tickets (it will join the mini-game multiple times if needed). At first the speed of adding tickets had to be set to 10 tickets per second. However after some days of The Fair, it could be increased to 400.

Ticket adder interface

Ticket Adder 0.9 interface

Ticket Adder new interface

Ticket Adder 1.0 interface