Server Jumping
Server Jumping
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Creator CPHax2
Status Action stop Removed
Visibility Server-sided
Latest version 1.1
Folder new Date added to the store 6th February, 2014
Folder delete Date removed from the store 24th July, 2014
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Were you looking for Server Jump Animation?

Server Jumping was a server-sided Add-In making the user do the Server Jump animation. You couldn't see yourself doing it, but others could. If a moderator caught you doing this, you could get banned for 72 hours or forever, despite the fact that this add-in had been verified. It is almost identical to Server Jump Animation, the only easily visible difference is the layout.

Another difference is that you could choose between continuous (repeated) and single (one-time) server jumping. To avoid getting banned, it was best to use this add-in in 1 bar servers, in (almost) empty rooms or in own igloo.

The add-in has been removed because the server jump animation was patched.

Server jumping interface