Penguin Editor (Timmy6118)
Penguin Editor1
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Add-In information
Creator Timmy6118
Status Verified Verified
Visibility Client-sided
Latest version 1.0
Folder new Date added to the store December 2014

Were you looking for Penguin Editor by Peperspice?

The Penguin Editor by Timmy6118 is one of the 2 Penguin Editors in Cloud Penguin. It is one of the older add-ins. This add-in has 3 main features, all of them being client-sided:

  • Penguin transparency (change your penguins transparency from 0% to 100%)
  • Penguin blend (change the way your penguin blends in with the surroundings)
    • add
    • difference
    • multiply
    • substract
    • normal
    • overlay
  • Penguin size (specified in pixels)