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Creator CPHax2
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Latest version 1.2
Folder new Date added to the store 14th August, 2014
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Packet Tools is an add-in with many functions for sending, receiving and monitoring packets.


  • Monitor - it allows to see the packets currently being sent and received (similar to the Packet Monitor add-in by MhX).
  • Send List - a list of packets to send/receive. Each of them can be edited including their names, modes and intervals between each of them. It's also possible to edit multiple packets at once.
  • Default packets - a quick way to send the most commonly used packets. The user can select the packet type like "Teleport" or "Add Item" and just specify their arguments like "Room ID" or "Item ID". The right packet will be automatically created.
  • Opening and saving lists of packets as files - the user can load/save a list of packets from/to an *.spt file or a *.ptsl file. The first format is compatible with WPE Pro, but (unlike the other) it doesn't contain information about the mode or intervals between the packets on the list.
Packet Tools - Default Packets

Using default packets

Packet Tools 1.1 interface

Packet Tools interface