Packet Monitor
Packet Monitor
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Creator MhX
Status Verified Verified
Visibility Client-sided
Latest version 0.2
Folder new Date added to the store 25th of December, 2013
Icon home Creator's website

The Packet Monitor is an official add-in created by MhX. It allows users to see the data traffic between Club Penguin and the server. Incoming packets are marked in green, whereas outgoing packets are red. Incoming add-in packets are orange and outgoing add-in packets are purple. There also once was Go Packets for a short time, but it has been removed.

This add-in is purely intended for viewing data traffic, as it cannot be edited. It can be helpful when developing add-ins. It is one of the default add-ins. The icon of this add-in is a Penguin Brain Box.

Packet Monitor 0.2

Incoming and outgoing packets