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Creator RockoRocks
Status Cancelled
Folder new Released N/A

OldCP was a proposed texture. It would simulate Club Penguin as it appeared between 2006 and 2009. Although all the rooms were finished, there were many bugs.

The files used were downloaded from Club Penguin's archive server, and other sites.

The texture was cancelled by its creator because of another Old Club Penguin texture, that is possibly more complete and bug-free being available, as well as the possible release of Alternate OldCP.

However, the creator of this texture may later create a new and unique texture at a later time.

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Changelog and known bugs Edit


  • v0.9: non-public prerelease

Known bugs, glitches and errors:Edit

  • Pet shop is not interactive and you can walk on walls there. The catalogs are broken. You cannot adopt any puffle or buy puffle furniture with this mod on.
  • Green map patch on the door in the Dojo. You can also walk on walls there (like a ninja)
  • The door to the Sport Shop in the HQ cannot be used. (NOTE: this probably CAN'T be fixed).
  • Green map patches visible in the Night Club. You can walk on walls there too.
  • The puck in the Ice Rink is not interactive.