ID Finder
ID finder
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Add-In information
Creator UltimateBeta(Vasilis1234)
Status Verified Verified
Visibility Client-sided
Latest version 2.0
Folder new Date added to the store January 2014
Icon home Creator's website UltimateBeta's site

ID Finder is an add-in created by UltimateBeta(Vasilis1234), and can be downloaded to CuP at the CuP store.

The Add-InEdit

The add-in shows you all the categories of IDs you want. (ex. Face Item ID,Body Item ID,Background ID,Pin ID etc).


  • This is a verified add-in.
  • You can't get banned.
  • Final version not released yet.
  • The icon for it was created by CoolFluby, and UltimateBeta bought it in the CuP Forums. The price was 0,00$ (free).
  • You can find it on the forum here. It is on the "CoolFluby" and "Used" sections.
Id finder interface

The buttons on the interface

How to useEdit

  1. Open the add-in.
  2. Make sure you have wore all the inventory items(if you want).
  3. Choose on the add-in what category of ID you want to see.
  4. If you will see a "0" it means that you haven't wore that category on your playercard.