CP Welcomer
CP Welcomer
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Add-In information
Creator PanV
Status Action stop Removed
Latest version 1.0
Folder new Date added to the store 19th March, 2014
Folder delete Date removed from the store 19th March, 2014 (On his timezone 20th March 2014 about 6:30 am)

CP Welcomer was an add-in for CuP. It was just following Asychronee's "Getting Started with Add-Ins" but changed its text from "Hello World!" to "Welcome to Club Penguin!". It was only available for less than 1 day. It is most likely that the sole purpose of this add-in was opening a Message Box saying "Welcome to Club Penguin!" upon entering Club Penguin in CuP. CPHax2 confirmed that this add-in don't work. The icon was made from Carl499.[1].

The add-in never worked, which was the reason for its deletion. It got deleted from PanV.

Cp welcomer screenshot

What it may have looked like (based on known information)

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