Penguin Size add-in with AuxServer.

The AuxServer is an exclusive feature of CuP that allows client side hacks to be replicated in other computer that is also running CuP and with the same add-in opened in both machines. It will be server side for CuP users and client side for normal CP users.
— MhX, [1]

AuxServer is a feature of CuP introduced in v1.1, on February 8th 2014. It is a tool for developers allowing them to make add-ins that are normally client-side, server-sided. It works by sending packets to an auxiliary server (known as AuxServer) and replicating this packet to everyone in the room or in the server. [2]

Developing such add-ins requires the latest CuPEF (Cup.Extensibility.Library), which can be downloaded here.


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