Access Moderator
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Add-In information
Creator UltimateBeta(Vasilis1234)
Status Action stop Removed
Visibility Client-sided
Latest version 1.2
Folder new Date added to the store Early February 2014
Folder delete Date removed from the store January 2016

Access Moderator is a client-sided Add-In. The add-in somewhat simulates what it is like to be a moderator in Club Penguin, however, it cannot let you ban, kick or mute anyone in Club Penguin. The creator (UltimateBeta) of this add-in also approves the fact that this add-in is client-sided. In the first version, ban, kick and mute was possible and was server-sided. The problem is that you get banned each time you try one of these features.

When this add-in was submitted, it still contained malicious code that could get you banned, despite that it was then also client-sided. However, the next day, this add-in was removed from the rejected area and put in the awaiting section for a while. UltimateBeta(the creator) edited the code.

Access moderator interface

On January 16th, 2014 the add-in was finally officially put in the Verified area of the store. It only simulates being a moderator,nothing more.

The add-in was removed on January 2016 because it didn't have any real feature other than show non-working buttons to the user.