Access Member Rooms
Access Member Rooms
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Add-In information
Creator Limit
Status Verified Verified
Visibility Client-sided
Latest version 1.0
Folder new Date added to the store December 2013

Access Member Rooms is an Add-In created by Limit, and can be downloaded to CuP at the CuP Store. Like most of the add-ins, it is verified to be ban-free.


This add-in lets you access some members-only features as a non-member. As its description says, this add-in lets you access members-only rooms and adopt a rainbow puffle (but the packet of getting on the rainbow forest is patched so you can't adopt a Rainbow Puffle). If the user was a member and had furniture but has an expired membership, they can still change their igloo using their existing furniture. However, they cannot buy new furniture and you will lose connection quickly.

The add-in also shows a member badge on your playercard, although others cannot see it. Most features of this add-in are client-sided.

Access member rooms interface



  • This add-in only gives a member badge to your penguin. You can't do anything else than entering member rooms.
  • If you try to earn a Rainbow Puffle with this, the connection lost will pop up. A legit membership is required.
  • The icon uses a level 5 membership badge, though it is not always the case in-game.